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The Riffers at the Veritas Conference at Harvard University June 2010

Riff \ rif \ noun

1: a phrase (as in jazz) typically supporting improvisation;

2: a rapid energetic and often improvised verbal outpouring;

3: a succinct and usually witty comment

4: a distinct variation

A project of The Veritas Forum, Veritas Riff is a group of friends who are thought leaders in their respective fields, in areas ranging from law, politics, science, philosophy, medicine, and more. Together, they are jointly committed to making their expertise accessible to the public outside the halls of academia. The Riffers share a belief that their particular calling is to communicate a take on the world that, while influenced by their faith, is intelligible and useful to all people.

The founding core – Curtis Chang, Dan Cho, Andy Crouch, Michael Lindsay, and John Kingston – originated the idea in late 2008. The first Riff group was gathered at Harvard University in the summer of 2010. The event was reported by the Wall Street Journal as a notable effort at equipping “Christian thought leaders with the communication skills and peer support to become recognized and compelling cultural commentators for a new generation.”

Veritas Riff would like to thank the generous support of its partners, the Cecil B. Day Foundation, InterVarsity Press, Sword and Spoon Foundation, and other friends.

Our production also is indebted to Baker Cleveland for his patient sound engineering and coaching.